Having perfected their sound in the 10 years since they first got together, Mechanism is ready to take the progressive metal experience to the next level and to transcend the standards set by the genre and the music community.


Their two albums releases so far, Between the Words (2015) and Entering The Invisible Light (2018) take you on a musical journey driven by heavy guitar riffs, dynamic rhythms, expansive synths, melodic vocals and eloquent lyrics.


Mechanism’s ever growing popularity has recently contributed to the widening appeal of the progressive music scene, with concerts both in their native Poland and abroad, playing with some to the greatest musicians of the genre.


In November 2018 Mechanism gave some successful shows as special guests of Riverside's "Wasteland" Tour in seven western European countries.


Band members:

Rafał Stefanowski - vocals

Michał Cywiński - guitars

Artur Olkowicz - bass

Adrian Łukaszewski - drums

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